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Lending IFAD

Hereby, Unit Consolidated lmplementarea IFAD programs (UCIP-IFAD) informs you that the Programme Rural Resilience Economic Climate lncluziva (IFAD VI) was exinsa lending to micro entrepreneurs in rural areas, through the Association of Savings loan. Eligible beneficiaries are micro-lending activity of entrepreneurs (individuals and companies), members of the Association of Savings and Credit ctive performing agricultural and / or rural non-farm income generating.

AEI funding will be done through lnstitutiilor Microfinance (IMF), which will serve financial institution wholesale and Loan and Savings Associations will serve as a retail financial institution. In result of multiple discussions and analyzes approved direct participation of Savings and Credit Associations Take lmplementarea Programme provided they meet the eligibility criteria established for microfinance institutions.

In this context, UCIP-IFAD is pleased to propose Savings and Credit Associations offer to participate directly Take Resilience Programme Implementation Rural Economic Ciimatica lncluziva.In hope of an efficient cooperation and successful implementation of lending activity solicited the assistance of the Central Association Savings and Credit Associations in the transmission of information associated members on the tender offer.

  • Eligibility criteria for SCA (direct lending)

  • Eligibility criteria for SCA (through intermediaries)

  • SCA presentation

  • IFAD letter

  • Annex. 1 Respect for general requirements

  • Annex. 2 measures implemented by NCFM

  • Annex nr. 3 Formular NPF

  • Annex nr. 4 Financial indicators

  • Application for approval

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